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  Christo van Rensburg, solutions architect
  Dip Datametrics, B.Sc, M.Des.Sc
   ACS: Australian Computer Society DAMA: The Premier Organization for Data Professionals Worldwide IRMAC: Information Resource Management Association of Canada MIKE2.0: The Open Source Standard for Information Management WWISA: Worldwide Institute of Software Architects

  Address: Christo van Rensburg
  E: christo_vanrensburg(at)yahoo(dot)ca

I design solutions...

Are your clients or customers complaining about getting the right information?
If they can't find what they are looking for, then they may go somewhere else!

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Ready for tough problems... Walking in the Olgas, Northern Territory

Is your organization client-focused?

Contact me to help you and your business! I have been based in Sydney, NSW, Australia since 1993, but I can serve clients across NSW and the ACT. Please ask for a resumé.

I enjoy visiting regional/rural areas and welcome enquiries. I also have experience operating by teleworking/Internet arrangement.

I work hard, and play hard. The photo on the left was taken during a trip to the Northern Territory.

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