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  Christo van Rensburg, enterprise data architect
  Dip Datametrics, B.Sc, M.Des.Sc
   ACS: Australian Computer Society DAMA: The Premier Organization for Data Professionals Worldwide IRMAC: Information Resource Management Association of Canada MIKE2.0: The Open Source Standard for Information Management WWISA: Worldwide Institute of Software Architects

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I offer leadership, advice, and information and data management skills. Wdding value are my vision, strategic analysis, structured process, experience, problem solving and clear communication skills. Specialising in enterprise data architecture.

I am solutions focussed...

Do you prefer Information Management consultants who you can communicate with?
I can offer you clear thinking not hidden behind technical jargon.

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Mont-X-suZ, my registered business name, is named after "Mont-aux-Sources" (the mountain of springs), one of the highest mountain peaks in Southern Africa, near which I grew up. The Southern Cross constellation of stars is clearly visible from Mont-aux-Sources, as in Australia. Having lived Downunder since the 1980s, I am intimitely familiar with the Australian environment, which I call home.

I also have valuable overseas experience, having spent several years persuing my career in North America. For example, I had the opportunity to work in Canada in the Information Management field between 2004 and 2009.

My 20 years of practical experience in the IT industry in 5 countries, combined with my problem solving and communication skills, will enable me to suggest the result-oriented, definable solutions for your situation.

When I am not involved in IT, I spend my time on family and history. Alternatively, I can be seen doing nature photography, or heard producing music. At other times you may find me hiking in the hills, or trying to restore the environment on my small farm in rural NSW, near Canberra, or the National Park near my home.

Christo van Rensburg (Dip Datametrics, B.Sc, M.Des.Sc)
Enterprise Data Architect

Click on photo to see my profile, still on the University website. Award winning Masters graduate, Faculty of Architecture As a student of design and technology, I have a strong interest in finding innovative and creative ways to communicate information. Coupled with my management and business skills, this puts me in a unique position to address your information and technical needs while not losing sight of your important business requirements.

My goal is to have leadership responsibilities in information and data management, data architecture, and team development; while keeping focused on the goals of the organisation and sensitive to the needs of users and clients. I believe that the client's interest is the cornerstone of the architect's role. As such I endeavour to provide straightforward advice and guidance, while avoiding technical jargon.

I can oversee the organisationís data asset management, and coordinating data governance programs including strategies, policies, procedures, standards, best practise, data quality, ownership awareness, stewardship and training.

The photograph above was taken at an academic merit award presentation for Masters students in Sydney, 2000. My professional career has been equally successful.

My Clients

Prospective clients

  • Small to medium-sized organisations with reasonably sophisticated information & technology needs.
  • Larger organisations with information and data management & governance needs.
  • Public and private sector in NSW, and the ACT.

    I have previously worked with the following organisations and their clients (either full-time or as a consultant), in an IT&T capacity:

    Consulting and Technology Companies:
    Cap Gemini America, Philadelphia, PA, USA  IBM, Philadelphia, PA, USA  Computer Sciences Corporation, Wellington, New Zealand  Fujitsu Amdahl DMR Asia-Pacific, Sydney, Australia  Sybase Australia, Sydney, Australia  Powersoft Australia, Sydney, Australia 
    SQL Technologies Pty (Ltd), Johannesburg, South Africa  Stepsoft Australia, Canberra, Australia  Fujitsu Australia Software Technology, Sydney, Australia  SMS Management & Technology, Sydney, Australia 

    Acriculture, Primary Industries (Government) and Food Production (Retail):
    New Zealand Apple and Pear Marketing Board (ENZA), Wellington, New Zealand  New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Fisheries), Wellington, New Zealand  McDonald's Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa, Sydney, Australia 

    Arts and Education:
    Australian Council for the Arts, Sydney, Australia  The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia  Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 

    Health and Welfare:
    Department of Health and Aging  New South Wales Cancer Council, Sydney, Australia  Centrelink, Canberra, Australia  Social Change Online, Sydney, Australia  Lifeline 

    Insurance, Banking and Finance:
    Legal & General Volkskas, Johannesburg, South Africa  Macquarie Group, Sydney, Australia  Filogix, Ltd, Toronto, ON, Canada  Davis + Henderson, Ltd, Toronto, ON, Canada  West Farmers Insurance (Lumley Insurance)  Westpac Group  Australian Prudential Regulating Authority 

    Mining and Utilities:
    Gengold Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa General Public Utilities, Reading, PA, USA  BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC, Canada  Endeavour Energy, Sydney, Australia 

    Qantas Airline, Sydney, Australia  Orix Fleet Services, Sydney, Australia  Australian Maritime Safety Authority  NSW Road and Traffic Authority, Sydney, Australia  NSW Transport RMS, Sydney, Australia 

    Other Local, State and Federal Government Organisations:
    Johannesburg City Council, Johannesburg, South Africa  Mudgee Shire Council, Mudgee, Australia  Mudgee-Gulgong Tourist Office, Sydney, Australia  Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW: Local-e and Local Online Communications and Linkages  New South Wales Government, Sydney, Australia  CANRI: Community Access to Natural Resources Information  Australian Government, Canberra, Australia 

    My Universities
    The universities that I have studied at in the past. Currently I am enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Practice at RRU (and other institutions) in Canada:

    South Africa, New Zealand (Undergraduate):
    Dip Datametrics, B.Sc., University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa  Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

    Australia (Graduate):
    M.Des.Sc., University of Sydney, NSW, Australia  Australian Computer Society Education

    Canada (Graduate):
    Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, CanadaSault College of Applied Arts & Technology, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada (Part of the RRU program)Red River College, Winnepeg, MB, Canada (Part of the RRU program) Ryerson University, Toronto (Part of the RRU program)

    My Professional Organisations
    Some of the professional organisations that I am a member of currently, or have been a member of in the past:

    Data Management Organisations:
    DAMA: The Premier Organization for Data Professionals Worldwide  IRMAC: Information Resource Management Association of Canada  MIKE2.0: The Open Source Standard for Information Management  Past member, META Group (Now partner of Gartner Group)

    Computer Societies: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa:
    Member more than 10 years: ACS: Australian Computer Society: Advancing IT Professionals  Past member, New Zealand Computer Society: Inspiring Computer People To Professional Excellence  Past member, South African Computer SocietyPast member, South African Computer Society

    North American Technical Organisations:
    Past member, ACM: Association for Computing Machinery: Advancing Computing as a Science & ProfessionPast member, ACM: Association for Computing Machinery: Advancing Computing as a Science & Profession  Past member, IEEE Computer Society  Member, WWISA: Worldwide Institute of Software Architects

    What they say about me.
    Extracts from letters of reference and performance reviews. Written and verbal references from previous positions are available on request.

  • BC Hydro: "Christo has quickly become an integral member of the team. He has demonstrated significant technical/architecture knowledge, identfying and developing some very thorough integration needs. As we move into the next part of the project (RFP preparation) he'll be able to demonstrate more of his leadership skills."

  • Filogix: "Congratualtions. The company whishes to thank you for your contributions towards the success of Filogix."

  • Fujitsu: "Christo's success is built on a solid foundation of technical knowledge (especially in the areas of database management systems) and his strong conceptual skills in the area of Software Architecture and Information Management.
    Christo is diligent, hardworking and an excellent team player with a very positive attitude.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Christo to any prospective employer who needs the services of a dependable and reliable professional."

  • Social Change Online: "Christo was a valued and senior member of the company's development team. He handled the work with a high degree of skill and professionalism, both as a team member and leader, and as a technical expert. He also took over technical leadership for projects on a number of occasions, managing to deal with significant complexity while successfully managing the needs of clients and keeping them happy.
    Christo made a significant contribution to Social Change Online, both to the development of some ground-breaking, major projects, and to its overall technical development. He will be greatly missed, and we wish him all the best."

  • Mudgee Shire Council: "Mr. Van Rensburg carried out his duties in a very diligent and honest manner. He was a key member of the Council's management team and highly respected by both senior and junior staff. I recommend Mr Van Rensburg to any prospective employer as his technical and people skills are of a very high standard."

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: "Christo performed an excellent job during his time at MAF. He has very good communication skills, is a very pleasant person to work with, and was very much part of the team during his time at MAF."

  • SQL Technologies: "Christo is an extremely pleasant person to work with and is indeed a dedicated and integral part of any project team. His technical ability is of the highest order and we would not hesitate to recommend him most highly to any organisation. We as a company are extremely sad to lose Christo."

  • New Zealand Apple and Pear Marketing Board: "Throughout his time at the board, he has conducted himself in a most professional manner, is well liked and respected by his colleagues for his technical abilities. His work has been at a high standard reflecting good attention to detail and the application of strong analysis skills. In general he shows good initiative in the execution of his duties".
    "Without hesitation, I would recommend Christo to an employer who seeks a professional, capable individual."

  • IBM (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA): "Mr. van Rensburg's work on the project has been excellent and always eminently satisfactory. He understands task requirements quickly, performs them expertly and in the expected time frames, and produces work of high quality". He has become expert on certain aspects of the system and is our primary consultant on those areas.
    Mr. van Rensburg has been punctual and faithful to his duties. He interacts well with the team, always has a professional appearance, and he deals with the customer in a courteous and effective manner.
    I have been pleased to have had Mr. van Rensburg assist us on the project and would be happy to have him continue working with us.".

  • GPU Service (Reading Pennsylvania, USA): "Christo has made positive contributions to the projects cited during his contract."

  • L&GV Assurance: "Christo was a key member in the implementation teams.
    Christo is in my opinion a reliable and conscientious worker with good communication skills. I have no hesitation in recommending him."

  • City of Johannesburg: "Mr van Rensburg produced work of high quality, is reliable and had a good relationship with his fellow workers."
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